Celebrate Back to School

Ahhh September, good ole’ September. The time of year when the daylight start to shorten and the air gets a little cooler. September means back to school we go! Maybe it’s the first year of preschool or kindergarten or already the last year of high school. My personal favorite way to celebrate this milestone is with one of the cutest school ornaments in our collection. I’ll link the collection below for easy shopping!


When I was little, every year, my mom would get me an ornament for each grade I started. Now that I’m an adult with a home of my own and my own little family, it is so much fun to look back at each ornament along the way and see the milestone of that grade. Kindergarten is such an exciting time, EVERYTHING is new and fun. You ride the bus for the first time, you get to pick out your favorite character backpack, you learn to use scissors! As the years continue and your little one grows, let the ornaments grow with them. Whether its a favorite sport they learned or favorite new subject. When I hit 5th grade we started to switch classrooms for different subjects..Science quickly became my favorite. We have the cutest science beaker ornament that would make the best milestone marker. School brings along so many milestones and sure you can write about them in a book, take photos and do all the things to commemorate but why not add a little more excitement to the milestones. Make going to school fun for those kiddos who are OVER the first day of school excitement and counting down the days until summer again.

Here are some quick and easy ways to make going back to school FUN for everyone each year!

Make an awesome traditional back to school breakfast each year– pancakes with whipped cream topping and some fresh fruit can make every kid smile! At the table present the sweetest little back to school ornament and let your kiddo get excited to see what you thought of for this grade level.

Another idea is to let them get through their first week at school and celebrate a great week with a Friday night movie and pizza party. Homemade pizzas or takeout and a movie of their choice. Give them a sweet little gift bag with a handpicked ornament that has their name and keep them excited for the fun that is to come this year! Maybe add a book for their reading level or some fun new pens or notebooks depending on the age level.

Surprise your kiddos teacher with a welcome back gift, maybe a coffee gift card and a small thank you card for the hard work about to be put in. Let them know how much you appreciate their love of teaching and surprise them with a sweet personalized ornament to compliment your gift card. You never know how much a small gesture can really make their day! Also it doesn’t hurt to meet and greet with the teacher before school gets into full swing and providing the teacher with the knowledge that you care!

Back to school can be made to be a wonderful milestone each year! It can be fun-filled for all parties involved and doesn’t have to be to complicated. Making small moments in life seem that much more magical can fill your hearts and cups so much more. The more we can look back and smile the more we can appreciate life. Personalized ornaments can really just cement those memories and help us cherish them for years to come!

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